© 2004 PJ Seale


I call Hecate                                                       I call Poseidon
I call Diana                                                         I call Kernos
I call on Isis                                                        I call on Odin
I call Astarte                                                      I call Osiris


I call the ladies three                                     I call the horned one
The maiden, mother, crone           The Green Man from his dell
                     I call down the moon                                Let’s weave this power
Let’s build a power cone                                   And weave it well

                                                The Circle’s set
                                                And the fires blaze
                                                The bell’s been rung
                                                And the spells are laid


I call Demeter                                                        I call Ephesius
I call Aradia                                                          I call Gnesh
I call on Kali                                                          I call on Ra
I call Arachne                                                      I call Morpheus


I call the muses all                                       Invite the Titans four
The lady of Delphi                                Zeus and his thunderbolts
Help channel this power                                   Let’s draw down
Through the night                                        The heavens tonight


                                                The quarters called
                                                And the elements raised
                                                The moon attends
                                                With her silvery gaze

I call Cerridwen                                                         I call Shiva
I call Oshun                                                         I call Kuthulu
I call on Gaia                                                       I call on Ogun
I call Yemaja                                                             I call Buddha

I call Hera                                                     I call the dragons old
And her daughters, too                                      Merlin and crew
Come dance the fire                                  Come taste the magic
 Like the children do                                     That the circle brews


                                                In this sacred space
                                                Made pure by love and grace
                                                We’ll feel the mysteries
                                                Of all the ages



I call Hecate                                                 I call Poseidon
Diana                                                                     Kernos
Isis                                                                          Odin
Astarte                                                                   Osiris
Demeter                                                                 Ephesius
Aradia                                                                    Gnesh
Kali                                                                         Ra
Arachne                                                                 Morpheus
Kwan Yin                                                               Apollo
Astrid                                                                     Bacchus
Epha                                                                       Loki
Lakshmi                                                                 Krishna 
Cerridwen                                                              Shiva
Oshun                                                                    Kuthulu
Gaia                                                                       Ogun
Yemaja                                                                  Buddha
Well I’ve called all the mysteries here tonight
To dance with the children in the pale moonlight
We’ll dance and sweat and drum and sing
And raise enough power to do anything


So let’s celebrate this witching hour
And light up the world with the strength of our power

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