© 2005  PJ Seale

Listen, listen, you can hear
 her voice in the wind song
Listen, listen, you can hear
her rumble in the earth heart
Listen, listen, you can hear her laughter in the river’s run
Listen, listen, you can hear
her whisper in the flame
Listen, listen

From the blue of the sky to
the rustle of the leaves
Waves crash and
a falcon’s wingbeat
Listen, listen

A newborn wail or a dying cry
Lover’s moan or a mother’s sigh
Listen, listen
Lightning bolt or hurricane
Summer breeze or wolf’s refrain
The pounding of your heart
The pounding of the skins
Bare feet on black dirt,
blood rush within
Listen, listen, listen

You can hear her voice in everything
Every breath you take,
every song you sing
Listen, listen


The mother speaks,
the world’s her voice
Echoes reverberating
soul’s still space
Listen, listen, listen, listen

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