© 2004 C. Williamson

Up from the earth
Down to the water
Roots and shoots
And growing tall
Willow woman
Bends with the wind
Green maiden
Embracing all


We are dreaming
When we waken
What we see
Is not what’s there
Only dreamers
See the starways
Paths of creation
Awaken aware


Up through the waves
Down in the currents
Flash and flow
And sinuous grace
Ocean woman
Moves with the tides
Water mother in the birthing place

Up through the flames
Down through the embers
Dance and flicker
And glowing bright
Fire woman
Burns and changes
Blazing crone
Ancient light

Up through the ages
Down through time
Twist and spiral
Labyrinth way
Mystery woman
Turns through space
Goddess dancing
Night and day

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