© 2004 PJ Seale
I thrust my feet deep in the earth
Reach hungry for the sky
Bathe my limbs in the river’s flow
The wind, she blows me dry
I will become all I touch
And all that touches me
I will be one with everything I see

I hurl my body skyward
And lose myself in flight
Spread my soul through
the coming dark
Until I am the night
I will become the shadows
Between all that you see
I am a thread in all reality

I rise up with the fiery dawn
And paint a blazing sky
Ride the rain down the mountain side
And travel to the sea
I will become the seasons
The turning of the wheel
I am the light of all
that you hold dear


The sunlight falls as music
The wind she howls a tune
The earth heart beats the baseline
To the ocean’s croon
I will become the harmony
Become the melody
I will be one with
the singer and what’s sung


Now I am the fire’s power
The wind both wild and free
The molten heart of the
deep, deep earth
And the ever changing sea 
I have become everything
And all has become me
I am one,
I’m everything you see

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